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Our commitment to fisheries

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Our communication objectives

Utilize the decades of experience of commercial and recreational fishermen to inform EnBW decision-making throughout project planning and development.

Deploy consistent and dependable communication throughout all phases of the project to the commercial and recreational fishing industries, including all fisheries research and data.

Identify safety concerns and improve safety for the commercial and recreational fishermen who transit through and fish within the wind farm areas and along the cable routes to shore.

Commit to fund and utilize the best available science and data and ensure that any conflicts with the fishing industries have been wholly considered and any identified impacts alleviated wherever feasible.

Minimize conflicts and set a process for resolving differences among the fishing communities and EnBW’s offshore wind development and operations.

Enhance awareness of the BOEM offshore wind permitting process to emphasize the opportunities for engagement that the recreational and commercial fishing industries will have throughout project planning, permitting, and development.

Frequently asked questions

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