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Castle Wind

With a grid connection in Morro Bay, California, Castle Wind Offshore will consist of approximately 100 floating offshore wind systems that will harvest vast offshore wind resources to generate up to 1,000 MW of clean electricity for over 300,000 California households. Castle Wind has executed innovative co-benefit agreements with the Morro Bay fishing industry and the local community, pledging that the project will not just safeguard important resources and values, but will actually add value.

The mutual benefits agreement among the Morro Bay Commercial Fisherman’s Organization, the Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen Association and Castle Wind LLC is designed to minimize the impacts of the future offshore wind project on the local commercial fishing industry.

Meanwhile, a Community Benefits Agreement approved by the Morro Bay City Council calls for a coordinated effort to maximize the economic and other benefits during development, construction and operation of the offshore wind farm.

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East Wind

On the East Coast, EnBW North America is pursuing the development of offshore wind projects through its project company East Wind. We are focusing on the upcoming BOEM lease auction of the New York Bight, which is expected to take place in early 2020. EnBW North America is committed to being part of future offshore wind markets in New York and New Jersey, where the states have set ambitious goals to procure a combined nearly 13,000 MW of offshore wind over the next decades. In addition, we are positioned to pursue potential opportunities to build offshore wind markets in other states along the East Coast.

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